It’s not how many, it’s who

Throughout the years, the music industry has changed. This isn’t really news to anyone but it’s just a great way to start an article.

Throughout those same years our business here at Symphonic has changed and evolved as well. We’ve seen download shops come and go, streaming providers rise up and unfortunately, some of them fail, and are now seeing new and exciting methods for music monetization.

Being in a pretty competitive landscape that is Distribution, we’re often forced to do what we can to stand out from others. Because of this drive to be different and provide something effective to our customers, we’ve been able to develop amazing tools, resources, and systems that continue to be an integral part of a label or artist day to day.

With many exciting things along the way for 2017 we’ve also started to refine our approach as it pertains to our core business of distribution in terms of who we partner with.


We’ve decided to really focus on ensuring that any partner we integrate with, and/or any partner that we’re currently integrated with is providing a good value for our record label and artist clients. We have begun to see that there are a few partnerships that require more work for you and further, for us, than there are returns. Thus we’ve taken the step to phase out partnerships that have not provided the return we expected when initially integrated.

With that said, the partnerships that remain on our platform and future partnerships will be heavily scrutinized. Our philosophy is not how many partners we deliver to, it’s who we deliver to and what are they doing for you, the musician, record label, and creator of art.

We hope you agree with this thought process moving forward. We foresee it as an inevitable result of what will occur in the future of the music industry; with only the strongest of platforms providing a consistent amount of revenue to the clients we represent.


Jorge Brea

President & CEO