Moving atop a historic Theatre!

It is pretty cool to announce that our company, Symphonic Distribution has purchased a floor in the Tampa Theatre Office Building located in Downtown Tampa. These will be our official headquarters and we have to do QUITE a bit of renovation in order for it to get to our standards but I and the rest of our team is quite excited.

The company has grown now to have over 20 individuals employed with offices in New York, a team of 10 programmers based in Pakistan, and much more to come in 2017. We previously had purchased and built our current office building in Wesley Chapel but, we’ve outgrown the space already which I guess is a good thing? While we leave the Wesley Chapel area from a business perspective, we’ll still be apart of the community here since I do still live here with my awesome wife.

A lot of other exciting things are coming as I write this but really wanted to put this out there as since my family made the trek to relocate our family here in Tampa, I’ve always loved the Tampa Theatre building and with many recent changes coming in the Downtown area, its awesome to be apart of progress but further, to be apart of history with this building.

If you look at the picture above, my office will be located right where the “A” is on the Tampa sign so I’ll have that awesome and historic marquee right below it. If you want to learn more about the historic building, (built in 1924), check out a Wiki about it.