Music Industry Sessions Recap!

My company threw down an awesome event recently called “Music Industry Sessions”. This event was an innovative networking and panel discussion event for music industry professionals alike in Tampa, FL. The event had two panels, Branding & Marketing for Independents and Making Money in Today and Tomorrow’s Music Industry.

Quick recap video:

I thought i’d also place the panels themselves as it does contain some useful industry knowledge.

Making Money in Today and Tomorrow’s Music Industry panel included Jorge Brea, CEO & Founder of Symphonic Distribution, Matt Adell, Co-Founder of Metapop, and Phil Benito, Co-Owner of Brokenmold Entertainment. The panel discussed the opportunities for making money in today’s and tomorrow’s industry through avenues such as digital monetization, licensing, and live performance.

Branding & Marketing for Independents included Janette Berrios, Director of Marketing at Symphonic Distribution, Ray Roa, Music Editor at Creative Loafing, and Joshua Weaver, Photographer/Film Maker/Designer. This panel discussed the importance of branding and design for independent musicians, and how to apply that into marketing your next release in a cohesive and innovative way to stand out from the rest.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We look forward to seeing you all at our next event.