New Music (Loko Velocet)

It’s been busy as of late on the business front (I think it actually always is….) but, some new projects I produced during COVID-19 and recently have come out. The first is a song called “Stripped”. It’s a bit of a Chill Hip Hop tune and there aren’t many multi tracks on it, hence, the name “Stripped” to define it as a pretty simple song stripped of many elements.

The next one though, I am incredibly proud of and that is a tune called “Dance Through The Pain” which features the amazing power couple, Chewii and GOVALES. These two are not only incredibly talented but they are incredible people as well. They took a little “beat” that I produced and made the song so all credit really goes go to them. Check out the preview and the music video below! Also, a couple of cool write ups too! DJSmokeMixtapes and Bodega!