A Quick Political Post

If you follow me on social media, you may often see me say a thing or two about today’s political climate. I am an Independent and at times I agree and disagree with both political parties. It’s actually crap that we can only have 2 political parties but alast, that’s the current situation in the United States. With that, my political views aren’t always agreed to and I can probably come across as annoying (of which If I do I apologize). I do say my opinion becomes it’s the right that I have especially in the important time that we are in and with that comes a quick piece that I must write.

The last Republican debate was held on Dec. 15, 2015 and with many things being said (even insults hurled at each other). One topic in particular was “Being Tough On ISIS”. The GOP blames the left on not being tough enough which puzzles me incredibly. Right now as I write this, the Republican controlled congress (that Mr. Rubio and Cruz are apart of) is preventing an expert on terrorist funding to do his job. For 200+ days this guy has waited for his appointment to fight ISIS at the core (their funding) but the RIGHT continues to prevent it from happening and the process takes simply 10 minutes.

Even Ben Carson who I don’t think is qualified to lead just said to stop ISIS with a focus to bring down their funding. So, rather than saying that the left isn’t tough it would be nice for the GOP candidates to speak out publicly towards confirming Adam Szubin to do his job. Literally, this has bi partisan support but the controlled Congress can’t let it go through. Sometimes it’s not all about “such and such being a p**sy” or “such and such not being tough”, it’s about common sense and actually seeing people that we vote in to do THEIR job.