Symphonic Expands To Brazil!

Very stoked about this one. I met Ian Bueno and his team over the course of 2020 and we immediately hit it off to where this was a good idea to do for 2021 and beyond!

Official Symphonic Posting:

BIG NEWS! — As the years go by, we continue to expand our team even further. Since day one, Brazil has always been an important territory for Symphonic. Today, we are finally ready to announce our expansion into Brazil!

Symphonic Distribution Expands to Brazil

Brazil’s rich culture and highly esteemed music scene is vibrant, full of culture, and one that we’ve always been fascinated by. Our expansion into Brazil has been a long time coming. We’re optimistic about our future there and ready to dive right in!

Some of the high level clients Symphonic has secured from Brazil include:

  • LIU
  • Sabotage
  • Cacife Gold
  • DJ Cristal
  • Krawk
  • Renato da Rocinha
  • Mauren McGee
  • Goude
  • Joe Kinni
  • Tropa do Bruxo
  • Sotam
  • Trap Lab Records and Tropa do Bruxo, the new trap label from the world famous soccer player Ronaldinho Gaúcho

“I am thrilled to continue Symphonic’s expansion into Latin America, specifically now into Brazil! The team we’ve put together represents Brazil and truly understands what the artists, record labels, and managers need better than anyone. With this expansion, Symphonic will bring the same personalized approach, cost effective pricing, and top tier service that can be found in our other existing territories to Brazil, and we’re excited to make this leap and create a lasting mark on the region.”Jorge Brea, CEO, Symphonic Distribution

In addition, Symphonic has enlisted Ian Martini Bueno as its Head of Brazil Operations. Bueno is a Brazilian Music Business executive, drummer, and entrepreneur with 6+ years of experience in the indie brazilian market. He has been in the distribution business since the market’s first steps in the country, which remains one of the most important markets in the distribution world. He has valuable experience working in project development for many important indie labels and artists, as well as with the development of collaborative projects with artists from all around the world during his time in the US market.

“I’m very happy and honored to be part of this new step for Symphonic in Latin America. Brazil is a huge and unique market that is growing larger every year. It’s a whole different world down here, and I’m really thankful to Jorge and Symphonic’s team for trusting me to lead the strategy and operations with my amazing team. There’s a lot to be done, and we’re very focused on maintaining the company’s boutique vision. With it, we will continue to guarantee the best services and technology in terms of marketing and distribution.” Ian Martini Bueno, Head of Operations in Brazil.


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