Symphonic For Production Launched!

I’m super stoked about this! We’ve launched a new brand on Symphonic. Symphonic for Production. Here’s everything you need to know about this dope new service and how to get started…

Introducing Symphonic for Production

Symphonic for Production puts the producers at the forefront, because what goes on behind the scenes is the most important part. Symphonic for Production offers sample packs, mastering services, STEMs, and so much more, all in one place.

These services include:

Sample Packs, VSTs, Plugins

We aren’t only a hub for producers to get their beats monetized and protected, we work closely with producers and record labels to create sample packs for sale via the official Symphonic For Production retail brand and distribution to Our retail brand will additionally feature production software and samples that you can use to beef up your productions.

More info on Sample Packs, such as how to create them here.


Symphonic’s team of engineers will enhance your product and take it to the next level. With over a decade of experience mastering music of all genres, we’ll take your mix down and master it and/or we can mix and master your track from your multi track stems.

All of this is done by a real human, not a drag and drop mastering service or artificial intelligence. We make sure you have white glove treatment for your production(s).

Click here to get your song mastered!

Protection, Distribution, and Monetization

Protect your music on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, VK (Russia), and more while ensuring that it is properly monetized. For just 15% of royalties, you’ll be able to upload your beats and make money from the use of the material. Applying to this plan will also opt you into STEMS Distribution and so much more.


Do you have music you have yet to register on a performing rights organization? By becoming a publishing administration client, we can ensure your material is registered so that you are collecting on this key and important area of the music industry.

Sign Up for Publishing Administration here

STEMS (by Native Instruments)

Individual elements of your produced song now have a way to be monetized and performed live. Distribute Native Instruments created STEMS to Beatport, Juno, and Traxsource!

Music sampling with Tracklib

Tracklib is a new music service where every song can be licensed for release in minutes. Sample clearance – for everyone. Apply for approval from Tracklib to get your material onto the service for anyone to legally sample and reproduce.

To apply for any of these services or learn more about them, click here.


To celebrate our new launch, we’re offering a special discount*

🎉 Use code SFPlive for 25% off any purchase 🎉

*offer valid thru August 24th to September 24th

Visit Symphonic for Production for more!