The Latest Going Ons (Month Ending May 2023!)

Quite a busy time but wanted to come on here to say hello to the 3 people a year that visit the site. Been heads down with Symphonic and always loving it.

I’ve gotten more active again on the music production side of things. I recently launched an Instagram for the music side (that explains why I am doing it) as well as new music which you can listen to on my Spotify. For all of the properties that connect to the music…. go here!

Additionally, been in the news lately. A flattering article by TBBW on me, my story, the business and more. It was capped off by a fireside chat where they were kind of enough to host me and some of my team members. (Thank You TBBW).

AI has been in the news pretty much non-stop and I had to contribute a little bit of my thoughts on it (you can read that here). AI is definitely an evolving technology and there are things to be concerned about but, I’d say the bigger problem are deepfakes and not necessarily… AI.

A ton going on in the company which you can read about here.

That is all! Just needed a quick 10 min break to write this but … back to it!