Back to making music…

One bright spot from COVID-19 has been that it’s given me some time to make music again and get back into a “groove”. I really did miss the ability of making material and playing around in the studio. For those that don’t know, I used to produce under a monicker named “Viro” but nowadays, I am more on the Chill Out side, doing fun tunes under the name of “Loko Velocet”. I thought i’d put a quick blog post together of how you can listen to some of my tunes.

Loko Velocet – First things first, the new material. For those that know me, I am really into films. I love soundtracks a lot and listen to them a lot when I worked so here is my attempt at merging my old style of production with my love of soundtrack scores.

Viro & Older – This stuff has a bunch of stuff including the above but a huge playlist I created on Spotify to throw everything in there. This also has a lot of Hip Hop Beats I made as well.