Mid Year Check In!

I’ve been friggin swamped as of late but wanted to drop by and leave a note for any reader out there. A LOT has been going on at Symphonic (and all good things). I’ve put some links up about some of our recent announcements so you can check them out and i’ll try and come back and write any sort of random thing for you folks to enjoy!

Puerto Rico / Music Industry Sessions

Janette, my awesome wife and her team did an incredible job of putting an event in Puerto Rico. It was a pretty huge success. You can see a quick recap here. If you want to learn a little bit, check out the panels we hosted (in Spanish and in English).

Announcements from this year so far

-First, I wrote this cool letter that highlights a lot of our values and such.

-We launched a new Sync Licensing brand called Bodega! (Click Here)

-We expanded our video distribution offerings (Click Here)

-Integrated Audiomack, d’Music, expanded our partnership with Dubset, recently announced a new integration with Beatport’s upcoming “Beatsource”, partnered with Songtrust, and incredibly stoked to say that we’ve expanded to Colombia and Nashville!

So all in all, a very busy start to the year and more to come, a lot more, before the end of the year! Now for some of the fun / random stuff.

Conferences / Travel

This year so far has been busy! Have traveled to Europe for meetings, and conference wise, have gone to WMC, SXSW, Latin Billboard Music Week, and more to come! I’m on a couple of cool panels soon at A2IM’s indie week as well.

TV / Movie Wise

-Game of Thrones …. mehhhh……. Chernobyl…. VERY GOOD!

-The movie “US” is solid!

-Janette’s all into “Big Little Lies”, it’s not too shabby.