Music Industry 360 // Ep.18: Getting Back to Normalcy

Happy to bring back our podcast and I decided to get behind the mic along with another colleague, Melanie Dorantes!

We’re picking up where we left off featuring an exclusive interview with Symphonic’s Head of Business Development and GM of Symphonic’s Nashville office, Randall Foster. If you’ve followed the podcast in the past, you probably remember that he was our last guest. The topic is one that we’ve all clung to recently: normalcy and getting back to it. With everything that has happened in the world since our last podcast, we felt we had to start by having a conversation with friends and colleagues about the interests that we all share, instead of bringing up all the craziness affecting us. In episode 18, we’ll hear about Randall’s very interesting history and how distribution has changed, tips on getting your music playlisted, synched, and much more.

Tune in and share!