It’s been a minute!

And just like that, it’s August and nearly September. I haven’t had much time to come on here and write so apologies for the radio silence (for those that may frequent this). The year has been very busy and it has been challenging, fun, frustrating, empowering, inspiring, and exciting all in one!

Symphonic has been hiring a lot and it gives me an amazing feeling to have individuals on the senior management that I can rely on to continue to grow this business. The New York office is growing and will likely have 10 individuals of which is incredibly exciting.

There have been some technology challenges and some folks have left the company (some can’t adapt to change). It was a tough 3-4 months starting in February but I am seeing a lot of progress now that will see us invent a lot.

In the mix of that though we had an awesome Grand Opening Event and story about us arriving in Downtown Tampa (for your reading pleasure). Tour our space on our Yelp profile too!

Just recently, we did an event for the staff called “Beachphonic” where we invited every staff member for a weekend at the beach and company events. A treat that I loved and effectively, its a way for people to know what a lazy beach weekend with Jorge is all about.

Personal life is great. My wife Janette continues to be what keeps me together along with our crazy dog Vito (check him on IG: @vitothebrindle). All is well in the hood and a lot of cool announcements hopefully coming soon!

In the meantime, here are some cool stories.

Hiring and Team Building

Symphonic hires Eshan Shan Jahan as Head of Product

Symphonic hires Jakub Alexander of Ghostly International

Symphonic hires Nick Gordon to be its Chief Client Officer!

Symphonic hires former Beatport exec Peter Wohelski!

Vibes of the Bay 2018 (Another awesome year)

Janette and her team tore it the hell up at this year’s Vibes Of The Bay. The turn out was insane! Check out the recap here as well as features from Creative Loafing.

Until next time (and soon)