Recent Press and Announcements!

It’s been a busy 2017 that’s for sure.

First, in October 2017 we moved into our new headquarters right above the Tampa Theatre building. This was truly a long process considering an entire floor was renovated. I am the staff are quite happy and we must say, we love being apart of Downtown Tampa, especially right now with all of the growth.

In addition to that….

Symphonic Distribution recently closed a $4M Series-A Investment, which received some press via Hypebot, Digital Music News, Billboard, Complete Music Update, Creative Loafing and of course, through our blog. This is a pretty big move but we and I specifically am really happy to be partnered with Ballast Point Ventures!

In addition to that very big piece of news, the company was on the Inc. 5000 list, and we were one of the fastest growing companies in Tampa according to the business journal! In addition, Business Observer and the Tampa Bay Business Journal ran profiles on me so all in all, a pretty cool amount of press and announcements as of late!

Other then that, my wife and were fortunate enough to travel to Marrakech (where we viewed the Milky Way at the Sahara Desert), Lisbon, and Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event.

I’m excited for what is to come in 2018….. I hope it’s a big one!